Wars Games


The battle rages for “OUR” soul Father. It’s not a rumor, it’s true, and the war is over us. It is “OUR” desire to “BE” like Jesus. “OUR” identity is at stake here. Who You are, Ruler with all the right rules to reign above all others is “OUR” destiny. We’d rather “do it” “OUR”selves to consume it on “OUR” own lusts.  Fighting’s, fears and wars within “OUR”selves, the battle is not “OUR” battle but Yours against him who wars for “OUR” soul.

“BE”ing named among Your “BE”loved is not something the world would fight for. Only Your One and only Son’s “Christ-ones” feel the heat of the battle, their skin in the game is all but “OUR” striving that would “BE” losing if it were not up to You. Your Word separates the men from the boys. Man up is to confess what’s really wrong with sinners. The enemy may seek whom he may devour, killing the body but unable to destroy the Your soul that is resurrected in us.

Nothing can separate us from Your love. We owe it to repay one another with such love given to us. Lead us, not into the chaos that wars for “OUR” soul, but deliver us from the evil one. Your Kingdom is victorious with power and everlasting glory.

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Silence is Not Golden


“OUR” Father in Heaven is Holy, a “Hallowed” “BE”ing who names restored souls for Him self, making wise the simple, giving joy unspeakable and full of glory to know “OUR” names, “Christ-ones” are written down in glory.

His promised plan will “BE” done in all the earth. It’s Heavenly to know what’s pure and right makes us glad. “OUR” eyes are opened to observe the benefits He provides, a brand new heart and mind. No one can name any other Word that has done so much for us.

The voice we hear is effective and powerful to pulling down of strongholds. You are not silent but give us a shout out as we watch and wait Your appearing when everything is all right after all’s said and done. You do deliver us from the evil one. How good is that? We can’t compare any other power to it. It’s “Glorious!”

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“OUR” help comes from You Lord! “OUR” Father, days are numbered here. PRAY-ers journey has come to an end. We can’t press words to say much more than what has already been said. You said To Pray like this, not in repetition, but let “OUR” requests “BE” known unto You.

It’s a Heavenly calling to “Hallow” Your name that ushers in a whole new realm of “BE”living. To do what You will, To Pray as You say wonderful Words of life. Let this mantle fall on us with a double portion of Your Spirit Lord. We are Holy in Your eyes as Your Son who brought us safe here thus far and feeds “OUR” soul with Your living Word like bread of Heaven.

Do we pay attention and eat every day?  Forgive us “OUR” sin. We knew to do right yet went “OUR” own way and sinned against You. Forgive us all of “OUR” transgressions for trespassing against You. We owe You a debt of love to repay others also who treat Your Word like we have done. So, show us the way to share Your Word in us to escape the evil one.

Your Kingdom is powerful to pull down their stranglehold and give Your Word working in us a more heavenly weight of glory that is seamless and endless into a place in Your presence where there is fullness of joy!

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Living Expecantly


What’s next? New birth, fresh starts, “BE”living His original creation is in us again. We are a new creation in Christ Jesus. His workmanship restores His created ones to their original, the way it ought to “BE”! Fresh starts with whom we have to do, created to do good works.

No wonder His name is so “Hallowed” made over in His I AM age, naming us for His “BE”loved, “Christ-one.” It’s a new world after alls said and done is completed in Christ Jesus. Heaven in earth!

Giver of good gifts like “OUR” daily bread, we never go hungry for just a Word, a morsel from Heaven for this day. Today is the day like no other. The key is in forgiving as we are forgiven. The debt of love repays the love poured out freely on “OUR” behalf without restraints, regrets or resentment. The soul set free is really worth it!

He says what in the world we shall “BE” if we’re just like Him! Lead us to “BE”live not in the wildest tempters dreams, but deliver us from the evil one. This is where we’re really at today. “OUR” choice is in Your realm of power and endless glory. “Hallelujah!”

“This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and ‘BE’ glad in it.”

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Reason for Hope


Reason for Hope

Ready always with an answer should anyone ask for a reason for the hope that is in us “BE”ing made over right-in-us when there was no other way. “OUR” Father is bigger than any god! His name is above all other names given among men where we can “BE” safe. He dwells in a wonderful place full of glory and grace.

“OUR” Father can do anything, anything but fail. He can cleanse, He can save, He can keep and He will. He gives us a new name written down in glory that’s written in “OUR” hearts. Christ in us, “OUR” only hope for glory. “Christ-ones” are accepted and adopted into His family. It’s a marriage made in Heaven.

Knowing to do His will in these “earthsuits”, these “thin-skins” have plenty of room to fill us with His will. His Word inside this “tent” is like living bread; we devour every bite (byte). We have tasted and seen how good it is. All we owe for it is His love that pardons “OUR” sin is due to “BE” repaid with the love He has shown to us. Yes, He has loved us with n everlasting love.

We are led to “BE”live not backing into “OUR” distresses that so easily beset us, but we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us and delivers us from the evil one. His Kingdom is powerful to pull down strangleholds. It’s “Glorious” to see that tomorrow never ends with Him!

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Who said so? Takes one to know one! You “BE” the judge. What right do we have to judge? Been there done that, your pointer has three fingers point right back at you. You know what you’re talking about. So, who is the unjust one?

“OUR” Father is Heavenly, “Hallowed” “BE”ing whose name is above all other names. He rules and reigns right-in-us. He makes Him Self known right-in-us. He walks and talks with us and He tells us we are His own, and the voice we hear falling on “OUR” ear the Son of God discloses. His will is known and it is finished in these “earthsuits” and His standard in Heaven merits “OUR” obedience here.

Each and every day You feed us with knowledge of Your perfect will, just like You feed us with daily bread. “No good thing will You withhold to those who walk uprightly.” We misuse and abuse what You say, trying rather to “do it” “OUR”selves. You “BE” the judge; what can we expect, Heaven or hell? What is justice, to get what we deserve?

We are loved by You, “He who knows to do good and does it not, to him it is sin.” All of “OUR” right-in-us is like filthy rags, no one knows to do right. We all have turned away “DO”ing “OUR” own thing. But, the just for the unjust goes to win over the penalty of “OUR” sin to present us faultless before Your throne. We owe a debt of love to others like that You have paid for “OUR” sin, just-as-if-we-never sinned. That’s Your justice!

Lead us, not to “BE” overcome with evil but deliver us from the evil one. Your rule and reign in Majesty and power to “BE” “Glorious”, is forever “Glorious!”

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What Will It Take


How Awesome “OUR” Father Creator and Sustainer of a New Heaven and a New Earth to “BE” named in honor of His “BE”loved Son? “Christ-ones” glorify His name in all the earth making it New.

Like in Heaven “BE”livers, like Angels, worship and adore serving “OUR” Lord and Master in Majesty and Power. Whatever He wills is completed without restraints or regrets, hilariously given out of hearts of praise. The power is in the lifting of “OUR” soul in His presence. The gift of His Word feeds “OUR” soul like bread, day and night until there is no more night, only Heavenly light. He is the light that lights up “OUR” life.

Fore-giveness prepares the way of the Lord. Knowing “OUR” sin, He pays the debt out of His love for us planed from the beginning of time. We can only imagine what it will “BE” like to “Be”live free from all condemnation, forgiving one another as we are forgiven.

We are led out of chaos of lies and deceit that has kept us captive. He delivers us from the evil one. No fear in the One who can deliver both body (that they may kill) and soul in hell. It’s a New Heaven in earth after all is said and done. The power in the cross over the grave is the glory that has only begun to last forever.

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