Life’s Lottery

“OUR” number is up out of Your Sea of picks in time that is not aborted but chosen to “BE” before the foundation of the earth, a Son of Yours. No random choice but hand picked fruitfulness from a tree of bad apples. Fit for the Kings table.

A bullet that hits it’s target to “BE” embedded in “OUR” Father’s family choice, ticketed for Heaven, a place prepared in His presence where there is joy forevermore with title deed stamped with His approval chosen along with His “BE”loved “Christ-ones”!

We have His Word from Heaven that never fails to come into this “earthsuit” fitted in clean snow white skin costume, a robe washed spotless under the blood of His watchful eye to “BE”live again His life a Sons in a world bent on the destroyers accusing finger pointing at “OUR” undeserving performance to devour us from his stalking about seeking who to blame, but he knows we are delivered from his grasp.

May we never “BE” forgotten from the power of the cross, raised to walk into His glory, rescued and restored bodily in His presence. Do we understand it? Do we have to? We are His choice!


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