“OUR” Father You have led us to trust in You. Earthly Dads let us down to run on “OUR” own. Expectations are high for us to live peacefully, but when You came in as a child we could “BE”live what You say and we could live it! What happened? Who spoiled it? Who is that father that ruined it for us with his lies?

We grew too big for “OUR” pants. We can “do it” ourselves. But, when You come down into “OUR” minds and hearts, glory fills “OUR” soul. Happiness is to know You are “OUR” Savior. When we agree with glee when we follow what You say, It is Heaven in these “earthsuits”. Your word is completely proof positive, “Hallowed” Words of life to make us whole. We can “BE”live it again. “OUR” IDentity, “OUR” DNA is in who You are and what You called us to “BE”. Named as Your “BE”loved Son, “Christ-ones” have access to Heaven, Your throne room and into Your presence where a prepared place is where we were meant to “BE”.

Forgiveness is complete and all we owe is a debt of love that can “BE” repaid to others. You lead and we follow You all the way. We’re delivered from the evil one. We escape through the faith that Your Son gives. We “BE”live it and settles it forever!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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  1. NOTE* After all these years with “OUR” Prayer journal and PRAY-ers Journey on WordPress. they may want to begin to charge us again or change? We may not “BE” here much more longer. We’ll keep posting “OUR” daily prayers as long “OUR” Father gives us breath to brathe into evryone what he has said to us. Thanks for “BE”ing here!

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