An Open Book

Exposed and even embarrassed what only a Father could love who reads us like an open book. We have no where to hide; So, open the door and let Him in. He’ll hide Your hearts hidden secrets. We’re hiding in You “OUR” Father when we have no one to turn to. Like those times as little children we came running to You. We can’t leave You now that You know everything about us. When we rise, where we stand and why we go here or there to sit.

We wish we could at times hide under a rock, but You draw us to Your self, a “Hallowed” “BE”ing, to make us out as one of Your “BE”loved “Christ-ones” “DO”ing Your will making us safe in the arms of Your One and only Son. He gives His Word, “I DO”, we can shout out from the roof top at the top of “OUR” lungs today when He sees how sorry we are, exposed and naked before Him that He forgives, cleanses and dresses up all “OUR” wounds and wraps us up in His arms to carry His Bride to safety. No fear when He is near in “BE”ing alive and well in us.

He delivers us from the evil one. His power to draw us up to Himself restores us bodily in His presence to the glory when we first “BE”lived He is in us making us safe forever more. Who can ever separate us from such love? Nobody, no way, no how could ever take away the love He has placed within us. Not death or hell, nothing can separate us from His love. All bets are off. He’s paid the debt of love. We’re free to “BE” with nothing between “OUR” soul and the Savior. We’ve nothing to hide!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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