PRAY-ers Journal

To Pray, search “OUR” prayer journal, type in a word or two in the search box a subject or a word from “OUR” Lord’s Prayer; Like: “OUR”, “Father”, “Who art”, “Hallowed”, “BE”, “Thy Name”! Got a word, phrase pictured in the box?

PRAY-ers subjects tend to follow an outline that He taught His Disciple To Pray. “Kingdom come”, “Will ‘BE’ done”, “In or on the earth”, “As it is”, “In Heaven”; Type in “Give us”, “Forgive us”, “Lead us” or “Deliver us” to find a Word to fit your search.

Over 1,300 daily PRAY-ers posts the last several years of what in the world is going on is certain to peak His interest. “The evil one”, or “Temptation”, or “Sin” or Sinner,” “Debts”, “Debtors”, “Transgressions”, or Trespasses”, “Daily bread”, or “Word”, or “Gift”; To Pray in your own words in your language of love as “OUR” Father taught to “Lead us.” Step by step you’ll change and so will your heart.

Now, what do you want to search for? It’s an “Eternal”, “Everlasting”, “Forever”, “World”; “Powerful”, “Priceless” and “Glorious!”

Go to or to respond with a post of your own storing up treasures in heaven. Some day the bottled up prayers will “BE” uncorked to fill Heaven with the aroma and fragrance of your Saintly prayers. The books will “BE” opened and we’ll “BE” judged out of what is written there.


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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