Satan Sets Traps

“OUR” Adversary sets out to trip us up because of who You are, “OUR” Father. They accuse us night and day for “BE”ing like Your Son. They say, “And you call yourself a Christian. How would they know? There is nothing holy about their blame and shame game. They seek us out like a roaring lion to devour us. Enemies set to entrap us simply for “BE”ing who You are in us, named for Your Son, “Christ-one”!

You rule and reign in “OUR” world today and they don’t like that. “DO”ing and “BE”ing is not their choice. Earth is not full of their glory and they hate it. They don’t think Heavenly thoughts about You. Your Word does not light up their life like it does us. They want to catch others in a lie to blame them. They point their finger and say “see I told you so.” They can’t see the three accusing fingers pointing right back at them. We know from the start who their father of lies is.

“BE”ing caught up in their own sin they quickly admit their guilt. They need to fess up to the reality of their trespasses. Pardon for “OUR” transgressions we pass unto others who sin against us like we have been forgiven. It’s easy to see “OUR” faults in others that need Your forgiveness.

Led by the Spirit out of “OUR” wilderness wandering, the sin that so easily besets us, You deliver us from the evil one. Only Your power can pull down their stranglehold on us. Your glory we cannot give to another. Your dwelling place is in us forever!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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