Elements To Pray

Reason, Why Pray? Rhyme, how to pray, what’s in it for me, mine, why my, I? Requests made known, to whom? Who’s listening, paying attention? Is there anyone up there? From the top down, its bottoms up. Is anyone worthy? Is it worth it To Pray? What can we say? When is a good time to ask? Where can we go?

Is there any outline to follow? See any pattern here? Is this a better pathway with guardrails someone has traveled before to show us the way? Who is “OUR” guide? Repeat or create your desire with design in asking. How to, has been asked before. He said, “When you pray say, “OUR” possession is to the One who made us.” Creator, designer held to the highest standard. We can’t dream this stuff up, it’s His Word given all the way, every day.

Why press, push and shove with what we think? What “I think” is good enough for me. Huh? Isn’t it all about who I AM? Or is that who He is? What’s getting in the way? Who can fill the gap? What we did “OUR” way is not exactly the highway to heaven. We all fall short and missed the mark of “OUR” Master Maker. Only One maker can master, repair and renew what’s missing.

He leads the way, what we can say. There is a way out of this evil ones grasp of doing “it” “OUR” way. Any endless prayer with power would “BE” “Glorious” to praise the One who makes it happen every day. Seek and find surely beats hide and seek. Got any questions? Words in these “earthsuits” mean things!  “Priceless!”


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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