“With men it’s impossible; but with “OUR” Father all things are possible.” “Everything is possible with him who “BE”lives.” How can we deny Jesus’ Kingdom that is out of this world; that is “Hallowed” in us? “OUR” Father, You have named us among Your most “BE”loved Son’s family.

“Christ-ones” who belong to Him are a miracle of love and grace. Your Word completed in these “earthsuits” is finished. Redemption’s plan is done. Heaven came down and glory filled “OUR” soul, where at the cross His love has made us whole. “OUR” sins are washed away by the blood of Calvary. “Do”ing and “BE”ing in us, Your will is complete in us; One day at a time sweet Jesus, You forgive us sinners “OUR” sin and enter in a realm of forgiveness as we forgive others who sin against us.

Lead out of this valley of death. Deliver us from the evil one. Your Kingdom and power are great! How long can this last? Forever, we pray! “We’ve see Jesus” and tasted of the heavenly gift. “Impossible” you say? “Because I live You too shall live.” He said it, Father, how can we deny it, but “BE”live it, that You are alive in “OUR” heart?

Once people see the light, get a taste of the Spirit and the heavenly gift and been a part of the sheer goodness of “OUR” Father’s powerful Word in us (“Christ in us, ‘OUR’ hope of glory) and then turn their backs on Him, then how can they start over again as if nothing happened? That’s impossible! Why, they’ve crucified “OUR” Lord all over again in public disgrace.


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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