“OUR” Father, who can deny the stars their place or the world hung in space? Miraculous! We can “BE”live it! Omnipotent power!

To “BE” named among the stars in the heavens, after Your most “BE”loved Son’s “BE”loved “Christ-ones” took a miracle of love and grace. We are accepted and adopted into His family. Your will is completed in us as earth is in the heavens giving us right of way by Your Word to safety. Who can take that away from us?

It’s a miracle every day “BE”ing fed bread and a roof overhead. But, the greatest gift of all is the miracle to “BE” forgiven and cleansed from sin when we admit all of “OUR” right-in-us is like filthy rags. The righteous One took all “OUR” sins and buried them in the tomb. We owe a huge debt of love for  the miracle of “BE”ing resurrected that restores us bodily to new life; Your original intention of Your creation.

To “BE” led out of this chaos and deliver us from the evil one is more miraculous than the cosmos! A Kingdom more powerful and glorious that never fades is a miracle.


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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