‘Tis Midnight

“OUR” suffering Savior dies alone. Something we all must do, and then the judgement.  He’s all alone in the garden where others sleep. Heavy eyelids with the cares of their world are not enough to keep them awake for such an hour as this.

All “OUR” inequities are on Him! It’s not fair this God/Man “BE” willing at such a young age to take “OUR” sin and make it His own before we were a has been. He certainly knows “OUR” Father holds the future in His hands. “OUR” Father had us pegged for His Son before the foundation of the world. His plan of reason in paying for what we deserve is to make us just like His Son. We can “BE”live it!

Never the less He’s willing to “BE” crossed for us. We double cross Him by adding “OUR” sin to His list of forgiveness. He pays it all, all to Him we owe. It’s perfectly acceptable to Him to adopt the punishment that we never could. We owe a debt of love to one another that will take an eternal life to repay.

Confession is sweet to the soul. We come to the altar of prayer with years of grief settled on the cross. With tears of joy we find “OUR” rest in Him. Nothing between “OUR” soul and the Savior, Jesus we come to You!

You led us to this place of prayer. We needed to talk to “OUR” Father about laying “OUR” burden on the back of His One and only Son where He is free to forgive and cleanse us from all sin. Clean before “OUR” Lord we stand.

We are delivered from the evil one. The emotion of this moment settled once and for all time an eternity of love and grace, never to return here again.

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About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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