Promises, Promises

What do you think about when “OUR” Father thinks about you with nothing between “OUR” soul and the Savior? No guilt? No shame? No more sin or sorrow? The promise Maker, You “OUR” Father give us a new name written down in glory. All we have to do is look and see all You’ve done for us. “Christ-ones” accepted and adopted into Your family of with joy unspeakable and full of glory. He moves us to “BE” “Hallowed”!

II Corinthians 1:20 The Message is “Whatever “OUR” Father has promised gets stamped with the YES of Jesus. In him, this is what we preach and pray, the great Amen, “OUR” Father’s YES and our YES together, gloriously evident. God affirms us, making us a sure thing in Christ, putting his YES within us. By his Spirit he has stamped us with his eternal pledge—a sure beginning of what he is destined to complete.”

His promises are YES “In Christ!” Who is Jesus? “OUR” Father’s promised One. Draw near and he’ll draw near. “OUR” Father’s greatest promise, His purpose is not mysterious. He comes to seek and save His lost ones! You are no mistake when He willingly gave up His life for You. It’s the only way to “BE” perfect as “OUR” Father in Heaven is perfect. No trap! No stone throwing. Drop “OUR” rocks. No accusers. There is no condemnation to those that are in Christ Jesus.

A line drawn in the sands of time, there is no one to condemn or condone sinners. He built His own cross to bear “OUR” sins to make us alive. We are loved by God with a past forgiven, a purpose for living and a home in Heaven. Jesus is at work with His Word in “BE”livers. So, what do you think about when “OUR” Father thinks about you?

Move here in “OUR” heart to stand on Your promises. No turning back!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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