By Design

What difference does it make today? To believe a lie and hide evil doers in real time is not very smart. It makes no sense if there is no beginning “God” created. We did not make “OUR”selves. He made us unique, original in a simple single work yet “we are part of the whole heavenly design here and now in these “earthsuits” named for His self.

Before we were a has been to fill the void, Spirit formed us by His “BE”ing in us. We are never alone from the very beginning of life, from the womb to the tomb. We are a part of the whole when He said “let us make them in “OUR” I AM age”. “OUR” future is in the hands of “OUR” Maker when He Masterminded us. This is where we move and have “OUR” “BE”ing, named for Your One and only Son as “Christ-ones” with a host of heaven on earth.

When we see hosts march against the death of “OUR” Nation with no one to replace them on this planet, their prayers are heard by You who understands “OUR” weaknesses. Your will is to complete us into Your image of heaven on earth. There is never a day goes by we are not mindful of You, where living bread comes from, “OUR” Designer who feeds us with Your Word that makes us Holy in Your presence. We are holy only because You are. When we feast on Your Word we are filled with a “know so” faith of who we are in Your presence.

It is a sin not to “BE”live like Your Son and believe a lie. Forgive “OUR” sin of unbelief; we believe, help “OUR” unbelief. To trespass Your meaning of existence in us and we know it, that is a shameful sin. You love us and are willing to pay the price for what we never could; “OUR” unbelief. Who are we that You are mindful of us? That’s how we look at one another; right? Right!

Thank You for forgiving us. What we owe You, “BE”ing right in us; we show to others how we triumph over tribulation when You deliver us from the evil one.



About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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