Low information hid from “OUR” Father causes us to not care for anybody else. He already knows, after all, it’s I, Me, Mine that exists. We walk alone blindly by harmless symbols “BE”living that still small voice within us that is telling us You are not a fabrication of “OUR” imagination. The adversary is the one who doesn’t want us to know he exists. There is no need to resist what doesn’t exist. Go with the flow, the blind leading the blind. How shall we know if someone does come and tell us who we are in Christ Jesus?  “Hallowed” “BE”ings! Who we are in You is the only thing that makes sense to these unbelievable feelings.

That’s it; the spirit world is pretending he is an angel of light to deceive even Your very elect. But, to “BE” enlightened who we are is 90% of the question. We wrestle with principal powers to play in “OUR” mind that rule in darkness. Those who would keep us in the dark with no light to see who You really are, we row against the current flow of unbelief. It takes the strength we don’t have.

The power in Your might makes us able to stand against the perverse wiles of the Devil who twist those who lived in reverse with his wicked influence in the world today.

We are aware of Your Word to feed “OUR” poor souls to “BE”live the life of Your Son again as His “BE”loved “Christ-ones.” We are not ignorant of Satan’s devices to divide and conquer, deceiving who we are in You and You in us. Forgive and lead us out of this dark valley. Deliver us from the evil one with Your power and endless glory.

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About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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