Knowing “OUR” Enemy

Who is it wars with “OUR” soul? “OUR” Father is not mocked. He lives in us to see who is genuine. We are not deceived with people who are puppets manipulated in high places to Spiritual warfare against His anointed “Christ-ones.” We are aware of his hateful tactics day and night trying to accuse who is right-in-us does not exist.

Persuasive speech imitating the work of God is to camouflage his counterfeit purpose and to hide his true identity in resisting “OUR” Father’s true message; “Christ in us ‘OUR’ only hope of glory.” The language of love in “OUR” native tongue is in knowing “OUR” Father’s Word is at hand. What we owe others is the debt of love.

To “BE” led to “BE”live the life of His One and only Son in us delivers us from the evil one who wants us to think he doesn’t exist. The Spirit of the age is in us who conquers sin and death powerfully gives glory to who it belongs. It’s forever in us!

We are never abandoned. “OUR” Father cares for us. Trying instead of trusting to work out things for ourselves “brings sorrow in ‘OUR’ heart all day long.” Worry and frustration is a pain when we strain to “do it” “OUR” self. “How long will ‘OUR’ enemy lord it over us?” “BE”ing stepped on wounds “OUR” soul but “OUR” defense is in the truth that defends itself and will emerge victorious in its own time while we watch and wait.



About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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