Wihout You

Where would we “BE” without you? We would “BE” zilch, zero, nada, nothing without You. We wouldn’t have a prayer without You. We could do absolutely nothing without You “OUR” Father. Heaven would “BE” a myth for story tellers that’s all there’s to it. We’d “BE” lost without You.

Your name and renown would never exist. Kingdoms would cease. How could it “BE” to know the truth, what to do, if we didn’t know You? Who would we “BE” if You weren’t here beside us? We’d “BE” blue without Your love. If we’re alone, who’d we have to listen to us? Whose voice could “BE” heard? Without You how could we know right from wrong? We would “BE” animals, or worse, if we didn’t have You. No sense, no feeling!

Without You there would “BE” no bread, no table of refreshments. We’d just eat each other up. Cannibals! No restraints! There wouldn’t “BE” any gifts from Heaven, no Word to guide us. How would we know what to do without You? We’d never know what it means to say, “We’re sorry”; there would “BE” no forgiveness if You ceased to “BE”. We would consume each other and only the survival of fittest would live. We would not owe anybody anything. No debts!

Detour, there’s a bloody road ahead. Dangerous to depart without You. Hatred would reign if You weren’t there to lead us out of “OUR” poverty and greed. Lust would just lurk behind every closed door. The evil one would have his hey day. No restraints, no rules, the rulers over weak would surely put to death those who would oppose him. There would “BE” no medals of honor for the dead. If Heaven’s not “OUR” home, then where would we “BE”?

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About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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