Blind Side

Who is it makes the blind, blind? Who has blinded the minds of un-“BE”-livers to see good news is in Christ Jesus? The world would rather believe a lie. It is because the days are evil! The world is blind and wants to consume “it” on their own lusts? They’d rather “do it” themselves.

Open “OUR” eyes that we may see Your glimpses of truth. All we have to do is look within. Before we had hard hearts, as a child we were vulnerable to obsession of mad men who turned the good news into a lie. We were once glad hearted and free from all doubt, then the spoiler came and stole “OUR” lunch making us his slaves by feeding us “OUR” own bread.

The Word is out that the world can’t see because they have to hide behind shades of darkness. The good news is now hated because they hate “OUR” Father and those who “BE”live  the life of His One and only Son still exists in the hearts of His “BE”loved “Christ-ones”! We admit “it” behind closed eyelids and closed doors. “We are sinners!”

Blinded to the facts of life that is in Your Son who makes everything new in it’s time, ridicule born again “BE”livers to salve their own conscience, knowing what is due them is death by sin. It is no secret what “OUR” Father has done; “OUR” sin is covered by the cross. He paid the penalty of “OUR” sin. Can you “BE”live it?

What is unbelievable, that anyone would lay down His life for us. Led out of a spent crisis due to life but delivered from the evil one is beyond comprehension, that Christ is the only way (Kingdom), truth (power) and everlasting life (glory)!



About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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