Ralph’s Rants


Where do all these ramblings come from, if it is not You “OUR” Father that form and shape these godly thoughts then whose is it talking to me here in this “earthsuit”? “BE”ing fit for Heavens sake in Your presence, where does this fullness of joy originate? Let’s celebrate; it is holy, “Hallowed” impressions that could only come from You. We never think about Dads as much as You are on “OUR” mind.

Who we are that remains in Your family can only “BE” named by You for Your One and only Son as His “BE”loved “Christ-ones”! Owned and distributed by the Master at pen point accuracy as outlined by Him, His Word accumulates from a song or a story of Jesus. Write on “OUR” heart every Word so precious. Who can know it altogether how lovely the good news is published there.

These thoughts are not “OUR” thoughts. I’m no good at crafting Words in prose or poetry but the song is just simple enough to flow out of “OUR” heart what we think; but it is Your thoughts much higher than any one of us that made us to know You who to know is out of this world. We could never dream in a million years to face what we really “BE”live here and now if it were not for You.

We were absent when You formed “OUR” world. We were not there to instruct You how to make us. How in the world could anyone “BE” convinced they know better? You made us a part of it for today, in this time of new beginnings. Every day we have to admit we messed it up, but You forgive and forget anyway. How can that “BE” that You would send Your One and only Son to rescue and restore us to Yourself.

Your giving while living put an end to “OUR” crying while dying to deliver us from the evil one. Should we go and do likewise?


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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