I Love You

I’m in man you’all, I AM in man to dwell, Immanuel, “OUR” Father Creator, Maker and Master is with us to dwell.

Herein is love, not that we love God, but that He loves us and sent His One and only Son to a sin sick world that we may through Him “BE” safe with Him. Since then “OUR” Father so loved us we ought to love one another. “BE” kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love; in honor preferring one another better than yourselves.

Yes, love is an everlasting love that nothing can separate us from, and it shows in how we treat one another in love and good deeds. “Hallowed” “BE”ings named for His “BE”loved, created to do good works. This is how we know we are deeply “BE”living He’s in us and through us to love one another, embracing it in “OUR” heart and soul, this love coming from “OUR” Father.

The debt of love is pay back for these times we’ve been loved. We never give up on that. “OUR” love is mature in us, so we are worry free. We are an open book for all to read. No fear in what’s written there! Everything else is blotted out, blood stained by the sacrifice that is in Christ Jesus.

We are happy, glad and free. We are delivered from the evil one. We are led to “BE”live “OUR” love conquers a world of sin. It’s “Glorious”, this Kingdom of love that is so powerful through the love “OUR” Father gives us through pulling down of strongholds that disappear forever.

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About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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