As A Man Thinks In His Heart.

A Brain, To Think  
 “OUR” every thought of You brings strength.  
Right now I need to think with words in English to come to You “OUR” Father struggle in what we call prayer, molding “OUR” self with You, to “BE” one with You as Your Son here in this place of prayer as Jesus taught us To Pray as He prayed in the garden with sweat as great drops of blood.
“OUR” struggle is never that bold or that great, but “OUR” desire is to “BE” one with You in Spirit and in truth. To “BE” Holy as You are Holy, a heavenly “BE”ing adore and worship You, for You are the one that brings us here to this quiet place.
We cannot find words to welcome You in “OUR” hearts, but simply ask for You to come in and sup with us, open and vulnerable to Your rule and reign.
How is it that “OUR” words from “OUR” thoughts to You get in the way of molding and meshing us with Your Self. To “BE” in Your presence doesn’t seem to be enough in “BE”ing one with You.
Your will is that we would “BE” safe and in Your arms as a child trusts in what You would desire to please You. How to do that is “OUR” desire too, isn’t it? We do really want to do as You do plan for “OUR” living this day with the gifts You give us from Your Word, the bread of life.
O Lord forgive us for feeding on anything in our mind and in our “BE”ing that would keep us from being one with You.
We see ourselves in one another, especially our children, as they seek to avoid You and the circumstances we find ourselves in.
Deliver us from the evil situation of that day that would separate us from You.
Lead us into fellowship with You and one another. Mold us and make us one. We pray in Jesus name AMEN!

About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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