Christmas without You?

I’ll Be Home for Christmas
We’ll “BE” what You want us to “BE”
“OUR” Father when I need to be working. Out of a job when the company is borrowing more than it can afford, many losing their life savings, going into debt way beyond their ability to repay may not have a home for long.
But, You are still “OUR” Father and have not abandoned us. We need to know that You are still in charge and will supply all we need. When we see that National Geographic picture of the naked boy standing out in the desert field with nothing but an empty bowl we are afraid to look because that is what we are thinking instead of seeing the cup is half full, we see it empty.
We are members of Your Kingdom, the realm wherein You rule. We trust in doing Your will is not just “OUR” duty but responding out of a thankful heart of all that we do have; each other, You and me a moral majority done in this little planet, a tiny speck on Your creation.
You are mindful of Your children. Without You we would be lost, without a song or a prayer. We praise You for who You are, “BE”ing Lord over all Your creation. We thank You for all we do have to do today with the gift of life, health and strength to do it. We still have bread and Your bread of  life.
Forgive us for looking at an empty plate from spending all You have given us on “OUR” Self. “OUR” greed is killing us. We have sinned against You. Please forgive us the debt of love so freely poured out on us. May we be free to forgive those indebted to us likewise.
Lead us as Your people in paths of righteousness and not to “BE” overcome by the evil indebtedness we can never repay. We pray for one another to see success and prosper and be in health, delivered from the evil one. All honor, glory and power is Yours. AMEN!

About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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