Taste and See

“OUR” Father is so good.
A touch of Heaven no tongue can tell of the comfort Your food from Heaven feeds “OUR” heart and soul the world is yet to taste of. The comfort that warm bread with butter and honey; fish and chips from the fryer.
Your Words from a song, or the Word of forgiveness and cleansing from the preacher who ministers the Word of comfort to know when we become a part of the Kingdom of Heaven, the family of God. How good it is for Your children to dwell together, to Love one another, nourishes and heals “OUR” soul.
The comfort Your Spirit brings making us right in Your eyes. Your gracious deeds to Your children, those who believe and trust in You, Abba, Father.
Holy, Holy, Holy is Your presence in “OUR” little world. We are just a speck on this scene, but the knowledge of it is more than memories or good feelings. To know Your will that fulfills every desire of “OUR” heart is complete in You.
You give us gifts to encourage one another with Your Word, the bread of Heaven, in a song or whispered in the ear.
Your forgiveness cleans out the sour tastes of the soil of living and refreshes us with strength and prosperity. God, You are so good! We owe You and one another Your righteousness. Thank You for forgiving us “OUR” sin that would have separated us from You.
Lead us not to have sour grapes of this world’s system, leaders caught up in their own greed and lusts. Deliver us from them who would destroy Your rule and reign in “OUR” homes and on “OUR” streets as we serve You here.
Prepare a way to escape their threats of injury, we pray in Jesus name, AMEN!

About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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