Lengthy PRAY-ers List

What Can We Say Nov 30, ’09 6:52 AM
for everyone

“OUR” list keeps getting longer Father. You already know “OUR” needs before we ask, when You know the answer. You hear “OUR” desperate cries for help in preparing us to “BE” in Your presence. We worship You for Who You are.

Come to rule in these circumstances we are under. Overrule those who think they are in control doing their own thing. We find Your will and stick to it just as though we were already sitting in Your presence. Completed, done, finished! We have no hope other than to trust You for the outcome from this chaos here today.

Give us what is necessary to live like Jesus all over again in these ‘earthsuits’ suited up for the space you have given us to live this day here on planet earth. Knowing Your Word is like Manna from Heaven to suit “OUR” daily bread. Fill us up to the brim to “BE” vessels used for Your purpose.

Forgive us the trap we have found ourselves in, that separates us from You. We owe a overwhelming debt of gratitude for trespasses not overlooked, but forgiven, washed and cleansed just because we are willing to admit “OUR” need and confess that You are ready and willing to forgive us “OUR” sin.

Lead us out of this present darkness where we are headed. We are in trouble and some us don’t have a clue of how much trouble we are really in because we are not paying attention and listening to the shouts of evil today. Deliver us from their intent to harm, hurt and destroy us before You are able to deliver us from them.

We are family members of Your kingdom. You have the power to overcome. Your Glory is greater than their fleeting rebel show of disobedience. Your grace is a forever moment right now in this spaces of time. Thank You for it.


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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