Who are these people?

(Excuse Me)

Damn Those People

Nov 25, ’09 9:13 AM
for everyone
 Where in the world did they come from?  

Who made them rule over us, “OUR” Father?

They don’t know You,

There’s nothing Sacred about them, YET!

Change “OUR” heart, O God,

Make it ever new,

Change “OUR” heart, O God,

May we “BE” like You.

Your Kingdom come before they ruin us.

They have become like little gods;

Can’t they see it takes more than bread?

A steady stream of words instead of The Word.

What are You trying to tell us?

Are we too thick to listen?

Have we jumped of a cliff?

Help us we are falling, and can’t get up.

Dare we tempt the Lord “OUR” God like this?

Who will deliver us now?

The evil one says we can have it all,

We can worship him, OR-

We can say “Beat it, Satan.”

“As for ‘WE’ and ‘OUR’ house,

We will serve the Lord.”

End of story! The test is over.

Everything we care about we give to Him.

Give us and forgive us “OUR” need;

Lead us back to the place of safety.

Boot these trouble makers out, NOW!

May we not fight them anymore, but,

“BE” bold and courageous to deliver.

We read the end of the story and WE WIN!

May we act upon it, it’s time for You to reign.

Real power is in Your hands, we are just Your feet.

Any praise for victory is forever Yours.

We watch, wait, work and pray. AMEN!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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