“OUR” Debts

Taxes are due, “OUR” Father and we are stretched beyond “OUR” limits. Some of us have saved enough to get us through tough times and pay “OUR” tax when it is due, but those who have collected “OUR” tax have not learned from their parents and teachers the habit of doing without.
What is it You see Dear Lord beyond what we can comprehend is happening to us from “OUR” spending habits? “OUR” kids have caught on to what we taught and several rebel against the pricks that goad us into spending what we don’t have.
They party with “OUR” taxes doing what they “think” is best for them and “OUR” country without consulting You. They never give You a thought that maybe You are more than able to deliver us from under the circumstances we are in. “A Nation divided against itself cannot stand.”
Some of us have seen Your Kingdom come into “OUR” life and rule over us going the way of the Master of Heaven and earth. Seeing Your success  while others seem to avoid You at any cost, doing it their own way.
You give us the Word to bail us out, to forgive us “OUR” debts, and we have not forgiven their greed that is costing us “OUR” soul.
Change us and cleanse us from all that is un-right-in-us.
Lead us NOT into “BE”ing tested beyond what separates us in “OUR” sins, but deliver us from its evil that would kill us all.
May we never stop repaying the debt of love You have given to us. Teach us how to “BE” living examples of Your grace and favor to one another by the power of Your Spirit to “BE” Holy Citizens here on planet earth to bring You glory.

About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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