Nothing can separate us

Blog Entry “OUR” Brother Is Angry  
Who is it that wants to divide us?   

“OUR” Family is hurting. What separates us “OUR” Father is not in Heaven but earthly, made in dirt, and we don’t know why? This evil should not “BE”.

You are mighty to save us out of this destruction that is put upon us by “OUR” enemy. Even now we can still hold still and see You are “OUR” Father. We are all of the same making. It is You who can keep us from the destroyer who would want to crush us.

Through it all we watch and wait like Jesus to see the day approaching where we together can Hallow “OUR” Master Maker’s name. Your will for peace and fellowship to be restored, renewed, to “BE” done, complete in Your presence.

 Give us today, this day, what we need to see You at work in us through Your Word that completes us. We need You today, just like yesterday to get through this mess we’re in. One day at a time sweet Jesus is all we’re asking of You.

Forgive us what has caused this situation we are in. Under the circumstances is not where we want to “BE”. We owe You and one another “Righteousness”, the Love You show us to “DO” that which is pleasing in Your sight. Not just plain tolerance but forgiving, even “OUR” enemies that has cause this hurt and pain.

 Only You can lead us out of this dark disaster. May we not feel the pain his evil has made between us, but deliver us from those who start wars and fighting among us, We wrestle not against flesh and blood people, but spiritual wickedness in high places, “OUR” greed that test “OUR” faith in You to deliver us from evil.

The desires that satisfy some have turned sour and cause death of “OUR” Nation. We are not deceived that You are not able to come down and pull us together and dominate over this time of trouble.

You are mighty and have Authority to put an end to this madness. The glory belongs to You in overcoming the evil one.

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About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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