We are Blessed

Blessed Nov 10, ’09 9:13 AM
for everyone
How prophetic from 3 yrs. ago. No change!   
“OUR” Nation, “OUR” Father while those around the world live in real poverty. Their great need shames us as their brother and sister.
We blame government, those who rule over Your children. Unjust judges who will not hear their cries. Here in “OUR” land we know we are blessed with freedom to know You and see You at work in us.
We Hallow Your name, Jesus, for providing a way of escape from evil tyrants and spiritual wickedness in high places. “OUR” worship and praise may soon come to an end as others who would want to dominate Your family here in “OUR” country. We are fearful of Your will “BE”ing silenced by their will where Your voice from Heaven could not be heard. 
Give us this day “OUR” daily bread in the world today, the living bread, the true bread, bread of Heaven, feed us ’til we want no more. Just a Word from You, to know that You are still in charge in this chaos that threatens Your children around the world.
Thank You for forgiveness and cleansing from “OUR” sin. We knew better, but “OUR” greed got out of hand. We did not trust You when we tried to do it our self. We were blind and could not see the need of “OUR” brothers and sisters. Against You we have done this evil in Your sight. We consume everything in “OUR” own lust. We deserve their poverty and are in debt to them. “Forgive us ‘OUR’ debts.” We owe You and one another the debt of love which You have given us.
Lead Your children to prosper and to be in health. May we “BE” troubled at what see coming to “OUR” Nation. Deliver us from the evil of unbelief. “Lord, I believe help my unbelief.”  It is satanic attacks that seeks to kill and destroy Your creation in us. Your children who love You so are counting on You to delver us from the evil one. If not, let it “BE” known that we will still trust in You but we will not go along with their greed. 
It is no wonder why we love and worship You for giving us power to overcome the evil in the world today. All glory and honor goes to You, “OUR” Lord and Master over all. We thank You in Jesus name. AMEN!

About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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