Who I AM

I AM Nov 8, ’09 9:44 AM
for everyone
 I AM His and He is Mine!    
Why restored to “OUR” original I AM age by “OUR” Father who is and who is to come in the lives of those that still avoid Jesus yet for now, but will “BE” coming to faith into His Kingdom that Jesus gives soon.
They may not believe it now but Heaven can’t wait much longer as a place to rescue them. they too will Hallow the name of Jesus. They are “BE”ing changed into Angels of light from the darkness surrounds us comes when “OUR” Father’s right to rule is made complete in His will “BE”ing done.
“Every good gift comes down from above and is perfect” for living today. Daily Bread, a Word in time of need to feed “OUR” very soul. When enough is enough to save the day. “He supplies all “OUR” needs in Christ Jesus.
He forgives and heals “OUR” Dis-eases when we are able to admit “OUR” sin that so easily besets us. It is paid in full, the debt of love we owe Him and one another. We can never stop repaying that.
He leads us out of the shifting shadows renewing us to become the person I have never been before. Bold and fresh, renewed in Him, a wholly Holy new person. A person of Christ, cleansed and born brand new from above, delivered First Class in the presence of “OUR” enemies.
Victory over the evil one with new found faith, the kind that Jesus gives. To “BE” overcomers of the test of time. He is now “OUR” King and gives to us the power of His Spirit, Holy, clean and righteous. This gives Him glory that is everlasting which no one can take away.

About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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