YOU! Oct 25, ’09 7:00 AM
for everyone

I AM three along side the other One that brings us here. Your offspring kept in creation in this place prepared for an eternity. We never knew it would “BE” like this bliss, safe and secure, stamped with your choice of approval, a domain, a nation of children doing unto one another what You have done for us.

Today, in the here and now “BE”ing in these “skin costumes” heaven bound wanderers begging to “BE” free to treat each one with with the gift of love You  have given to us. A debt we owe forgiven and renewed, a slate wiped clean, paid in full, like we have completed in transactions with one another.

Direction determines destination where “OUR” path leads, not into terror, condemned in these “earthsuits”, but delivered from the evil one who would twist the life out of us.

May we not “BE” squeezed into their mold of unbelief, but by believing we have “suited up” with Your “spacesuit” to walk in “OUR” neighborhood unafraid of what Your “glowing rays” may reveal.

In other words what would you say to “OUR” Father. Hang your hat on that. Who is the “OUR” that created you to “BE” Holy? Spell it out, what it means.

“He has a right to rule and His rule is right.” What’s that supposed to mean? “In earth as it is in heaven”? How do you beg? What words do you use? Describe one day at a time a bite or bytes of your heavenly story on earth.

How do you handle what is owed to one another? Forgive and forget it! You can ask to be led out of chaotic confusion delivered from under circumstances the situation the evil one brings.

Say it the write way in your journal today.

“OUR” Father, who is in heaven, Holy is your name. Your Kingdom come. Your will “BE” done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today your daily bread and forgive us “OUR” debts like we forgive those owing us. Lead us not into trials and tribulations, but deliver us from the evil, for yours is the Kingdom, the power and the glory forever.

There I said it and I believe it! That settles it for me.


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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