PRAY-ers Journals

 In olden days with pencil and paper written pages until the typewriter; Computer made it easy to copy and paste these “God thoughts” as we learned To Pray as His disciple asked Jesus to teach him to Pray.

The essentials of prayer as a guide we try to include these elements from Scripture, a song or a need for the day. He teaches us every day with just a Word from Him. His love inspires us To Pray All we do is write down what He says in “OUR” prayer journal.

Someday the books will be opened and we’ll “BE” judged out of them by their content. If it ever gets published in advance it would not have any dates or pages numbered. It covers; front to back it wouldn’t have any titles but just the first and last days of prayers. So if you are from the Far East and read from the left back to front or if You read from front to back it would have a clear cover to protect the pages.

To store “OUR” daily PRAY-ers Journals we went to MSN Spaces until they shut down and sent us to “OUR original site, WordPress. Multiply will shut down their sites Dec. 1. My Space and Blogger along with Cross.TV picks up 30 languages.

Watch To Pray Today . . .

Daily Posting

   ”OUR” Father’s Mercies are new every morning” 

       “OUR” Prayer Journal To Pray site 30 languages

         Original web site



        Multiply sites to shut down Dec. 1                               

        + There are other group sites that have joined unto Cyber church

       And To Pray sites.       


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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