AAUGH! Oct 17, ’09 10:01 AM
for everyone
Did I say that yrs. ago?   
“OUR” Father why do we smudge Your dear name by the comments we make? 
We really talk without thinking and wish to honor Jesus. These are Your children and not just some acquaintance, as if that should make any difference, but it does. It is Your child “BE”ing offended, but worse than that “OUR” mouth has put Your reputation at stake. How can that “BE”?
Questionable speech coming out of the same mouth that offers praise to You. Your Kingdom that is Heavenly has come into “OUR” lives, but little thought about Your will “BE”ing done in Hallowing Your name when we do not think about what we are saying.
We ask You to take control of “OUR” lips for Your will to be done and we do these dumb mistakes that embarrass You and us. Give us Your Spirit Holy, Clean and Reverent to “BE” Your person in this flesh. Your living Word in these costumes!
Forgive us and cleanse us from all the un-right-in-us that would cause these conflicts in “OUR” mortal ‘earthsuits’. I’m not alone in these offenses, but feel the shame and despair. We owe You much better than this.
OH, Father lead us into paths that are righteous. May we not have this kind of difficulty in living the life of Jesus again in us. The faith that Jesus gives ever lives to give us some victory that overcomes this evil in “OUR” words. Your Word is a lamp unto “OUR” feet and a light unto “OUR” path.
Restore unto us the joy of Your salvation. We Pray in the Almighty name of Jesus. AMEN!

About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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