Lift “OUR” Hands in Prayer

Praying Hands Oct 12, ’09 9:36 AM
for everyone
From Cyber Church site to shut down Dec.1  
“OUR” Father, “OUR” thoughts (Your thoughts are so much higher than “OURs”) focus on us, this list of prayer requests that gets longer as the days go by and wondering how you may satisfy everyone?
“OUR” praying hands remind us like the thumb of those close to us. We think of them most of all because we are engaged with them all day long.
Like the strong number one finger those that are stronger than I, Mom, Dad, boss, teacher, officer, judge, the list also goes on.
The tallest finger minds of those in Authority from the President on down to the township clerk, dog catcher, and those who make the rules.
Ring finger is the weakest reminds us of those that weaker in need around us, like “OUR” spouse, kids and “OUR” struggling neighbor. (Who is “OUR” neighbor?)
“OUR” pinkie finger tells us of all the little ones demanding attention around us today, to be fed, clothed, cleaned and caressed. We picture them all when we bring them to Your attention too.
What we do with those we pray for and how You answer those long lengthy lists has to do with “OUR” focus. It is You who is the Father that creates in us the breath of life and fills us with the bread of life. “Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father above.” 
When it is Your will to “BE” Done, finished and accomplished today. Give us new Clothes for “OUR” rags this day. Clean before You we stand amazed at how You care for each one of us.
Thank You for the forgiving and the cleansing. May we do the same for one another. We owe them Your life in us to be shared and explored.
You are the reason we pray for each other. It is You who lead us to life everlasting, a place where we Adore You.
Deliver us from getting “OUR” eyes off of You. Without You we all would dry up and die. Save  “OUR” children, “OUR” neighbors and “OUR” Nation we Pray in the Almighty name of Jesus. AMEN!

About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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