Strangers, Foreighners, Aliens

Strangers, Foreigners, Aliens 

Before we were born has been losers without mercy, but now received what we don’t deserve, grace To “BE”living Godly Lives in a Pagan Society. Therefore seeing we are no longer outsiders (exiles, immigrant workers and aliens, excluded from the rights of citizenship), but now we know You are “OUR” Father sharing with the Saints (Your own people set apart to ‘BE’ truly Yours, belonging to Your household.)

All we like sheep have gone astray and turned everyone to his own way doing his own thing, but the Lord has laid on Him (the Christ) the inequity of us all. We are not pressed into the world’s standards as foreigners and exiles with sinful desires that war against “OUR” own souls, but transformed by the renewing of “OUR” minds to live such Godly lives that Pagans, though they accuse us for doing wrong, see “OUR” good works and give “OUR” Father the glory when He comes.

We all will keep trusting until the day we die, even if we don’t get what had been promised because it has made us glad to “BE” part of “OUR” Father’s house. We see afar off and welcome Him acknowledge we were aliens and temporary residents here. Each one of us, “Christ-ones” not dead yet but have in hand His Word promising what we were we are  now still “BE”living we are His people of faith who live this way making it plain that we are looking onto Jesus the Author and finisher of “OUR” faith. We are homesick for “OUR” true home, a far better country – Heaven’s Country. We can see why “OUR” Father is so proud of us, and have a City waiting for us.

Its plain enough isn’t it? We are no longer strangers or outsiders, wandering in exile. This Kingdom of faith is now home where we belong, with as much right to be named “Christ-ones” as anyone. He is preparing a place for us, a home fitting  us brick by brick, stone on stone, with Jesus Christ “OUR” chief cornerstone holding us together. We see it taking shape every day, this temple not made with hands in which “OUR” Father is most at home.

Let’s no forget to entertain strangers. We’ll never know when we show hospitality we are unaware of Angels among us.


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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