Crash & Burn

Crash and Burn Sep 30, ’09 6:54 AM
for everyone
Multiply will shut down Cyber Church Dec.1   
Way Too Big To Fail, “OUR” Father without You we don’t have a prayer. “OUR” hope is in You!
You are Mighty to save! Please come and rule over us. We are caught up in the splendor of all You are in this world of darkness today. It is no wonder why we Adore You.
When we are in Your will and plan for us in the midst of a world gone mad, it is the better choice for us to do what pleases You. Today, we need You more than ever.
Give us the Word that we are going to “BE” O.K. to be cared for this very day. “One day at a time” Is all we are asking of You. Food for strong bodies and clear thinking that feeds “OUR” very souls desire to “BE” everything You have meant for us To “BE”.
When we are weak and in a wreck, pick us up, brush us off and set “OUR” feet on a firm foundation again. Forgive and forget past mistakes as much as we would like to let go of the sins against one another.
We follow Your directions out of this catastrophe and the chaos besetting “OUR” Nation. The evil one seeks to devour all that You have taught us and mean for us to live in peace. He seeks to destroy what has been built up in “OUR” country by casting shadows of despair over the land with his own arrogant agenda against Your will that is already spelled out for us to “BE” Your people who trust and believe in You, “OUR” King.
You have the right to rule with what is right. The power to do as You say is in Your hands. This is what pleases You forever.

About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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