Live in me Lord Jesus, live in me.

In Me, Through Me, For Me Sep 26, ’09 7:33 AM
for everyone
   What were we thinking three years ago today?  

 “OUR” Secrets exposed for all to see from behind closed eyelids a mystery that Christ Lives. “In Me”

”OUR” Father I AM blessed with lessons more caught than taught in who I AM in Your presence. Foolish thoughts were admiring “OUR” own expertise, hardly noticing You “BE”ing Supreme. Amazing we were in Your focus to build confidence to astound us with recognizing awareness that adore how Your plan works in “OUR” lives.

The spectacle is when we take “OUR” eyes off You when we try to do it all by our self. We have to laugh like we think you must be laughing like others at how we get ourselves into this mess. Nothing reverent or rewarding about that when we draw up close to You and see how we have missed the mark. Your rules are right and right to rule had been best for us all along.

Cause my attention span to increase markedly: “Christ’s life is altogether too high and too divine for us to reproduce. It is His own life, and only His, but He will live it out in us.” (Andrew Murray) Silly it would be for me to try to emulate Jesus and do what he does! His skills are much too honed for anyone to think they could “play God like Jesus!” There’s only one way that could happen—if Jesus could occupy my body for a few days we have to live for Him “DO”ing His will!

Do you see what I’m saying? It is just as foolish for us to “try to live like Jesus!” I know, we’re commanded to be perfect “as He is perfect, to forgive as He has forgiven, and love as He loves.” Have we tried to do that? Impossible! It is only HIS LIFE within us that can accomplish the impossible—and His Word tells us that “He lives in me” for just that purpose. Give us today what is necessary to live out His life in me.

So how do I take advantage of that? I quit saying, “Help me, Lord” and instead say, “No way can I do this, Lord. Forgive and forget my trying. You have to do it through me!” Then, BELIEVE that He tells the truth. Step aside and let Him show us how it’s done. Easy for us to say, very difficult to do. But He expects that of us. May we “BE” as tolerant of others making the same error.  You want the spectators looking on to be astounded at how Christ lives in us and say, “How in the world do you do that?” And we can (with great confidence) reply: “Oh, it wasn’t me! Christ lives in me to face every situation for me.” Jesus led me all the way. 

Does that mean that I’ll come through unscathed from the evil deciet and “BE” victorious every time? No. It means that I will be learning every day to “stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. His Kingdom comes with power and glory forever. “It means that the fruit of the Spirit4 will be evident in my life when unpeeled, it means I will eventually perform His way—with Him doing His thing through me.

A song: Live in me Lord Jesus/ live in me;/ Live in me Lord Jesus/ live in me. There’s a race that must be run/ there’s a victory to be won/ every hour give me power to “BE” true.


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Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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