To Pray Today

To Pray Three years ago today Sep 24, ’09 7:55 AM
for everyone
Lord, in “OUR” journey of prayer, TO PRAY as you ask US To Pray on behalf of those listed here in “OUR” Daily Prayer Journal, WE first recognize the WE are Yours and that You are “OUR” Father.
In our Journal we have a string of names that get longer as the years go by. It is not the names (places or events) that we visualize to bring to You this day and at this hour, but the face of who You are in US.
Listed here in Your Journal is “OUR” spouse, family, friends and neighbors. We cry out to You in naming OUR Authority in our county, State and Nation, As the list lengthens we find recall to be easier to picture them in Your presence, face to face, belonging to You, as we point out individuals in our request to You on their behalf.
We ask that we would be wholly Holy, in our lives as we worship You. Please rule and reign in us to do Your will, ever present within us.
Give us today what is necessary for Your Word in us to “BE” all You intended it to “BE”, “OUR” Father.
For-give us of hardly noticing when we do it wrong. It is You we want right in us. We take notice of our sin and thank You for forgiveness and cleansing.
Lead us far from what would keep us separated from You. May we not have difficulty in living the life of Your Son, Our Savior, all over again by delivering us from the evil one.

About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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