To Pray

Dr. Luke’s Book Chapter 11 Teaches “To Pray” Sep 18, ’09 12:00 PM
for everyone
 Teach us To Pray!  

Say “OUR” all-inclusive term of people committed to a Creator Who made us.

(“OUR”, We, Us; No I, Me or Mine)

“Father” The Author and finisher of “OUR” Faith.

“Who art” the self-existent One.

“In Heaven” a place prepared for Us to “BE”

“Hallowed” worthy of honor and praise.

“BE” in us as in Heaven; A state of “BE”ing.

“Thy Name” time honored, above all other names given among men.

“Thy Kingdom” rule of order where He rules.

“Come” His right to rule.

“Thy will” desired above all else.

“Be Done” complete, finished, paid in full.

“On earth” right where we live.

“As it is in Heaven” a continuation of His never-ending “BE”ing

“Give Us” a gift of grace we don’t deserve.

“This day” to “BE” like Him.

“Our daily” one day at a time.

“Bread” food for thought, His Word.

“Forgive Us” a debt of Love we owe Him and others.

“Our debts” transgressions, sins

“As we forgive” in the same way we are forgiven.

“Our debtors” others who sin against us.

“Lead Us” “BE”ing “OUR” King of life.

“Not into temptation” difficulties, trials, tests the trouble selfish desires bring.

 Deliver Us” an escape from our self.

“From evil” the one who seeks to destroy.

“His Kingdom” rules and reigns.

“His Power” to overcome the evil one.

“His Glory” that is an everlasting presence.

“AMEN” let it “BE” so!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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