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Pause To Pray Sep 16, ’09 8:11 AM
for everyone
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“OUR” God thoughts in these thick skin skulls full of mush are directed toward You Dear Daddy, Abba Father, created by You to think You are able to come down to “OUR” level and live in “OUR” ‘Earthsuit’ today making us Heavenly.

How Holy can we get closer to Worship You Almighty God? Just to know we are in Your presence at the Throne cleansed from everything that stains “OUR” “BE”ing, made as good as God, is beyond all comprehension. To know, to feel right-in-us able to “BE” alive in the glory given us this day. Your Kingdom comes when You are still in control when we are doing that which is pleasing to You.

Your gift of Love is beyond all bounds invading “OUR” thick skins with a Word we can accept like daily bread, manna from Heaven, sure beats anything we would have to say. We see and hear You alive on planet earth as we spy out in what surrounds us this day “BE”ing a touch from of Your hand. Live in us Lord Jesus, live in us.

Forgive and forget all the stuff that goes on in “OUR” heads about concerns of what is happening to us from spiritual wickedness in high places. All “OUR” right-in-us is like dirt stains thinking we could do no wrong if left all alone. Thank God You never leave us that way to stumble through the darkness.

Lead us with Your strong arm, hand in hand we walk loves promised land with not a care of evil. Deliver us from these holier than thou evil ones thinking they can rule without You.

Your King’s domain is greater with power and glory. Reveal Your self to us this day we pray.


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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