To “BE” Or Not To “BE”

To “BE” Or Not To “BE” Sep 14, ’09 8:39 AM
for everyone

There is trouble ahead for a Nation when dads teach kids to go astray following after strange gods, abandoning “OUR” Father’s commands to “BE” His Children through the faith that Jesus gives while permissive high priests of the governments sacred temple they call halls of justice press their arrogant agendas on unsuspecting parents to breach promises made as a child to “BE” a Holy person and now abandon everything they needed to know that they learned in Sunday School.

Now Ten Commandments are meaningless for their kids and wonder why we are in such terrible trouble dancing between two opinions: if the Lord is God, follow Him; but if not; you can’t have it both ways. Choice is not an option.

Don’t be deceived “OUR” Father is not mocked. Calling on those you elect to be an influence in your family will not bail you out of consequences when they bypass His best for them with their own ideas of what’s right and wrong.

It’s not working, shout louder, march mobs to the Mall with your phony baloney high priests. Maybe they can help you out of this blame and shame game. Listen to their threats to ruin you is not working. Try something else.

Pay attention to that still small voice in you that say, “This is the way to walk in.” A gentle whisper that remains in you from childhood will show you who you can trust.

We all come as little children. This will build a fire under you that will burn up all doubt and fear of Who He really is that’s in charge. Doing what would make “OUR” Father happy is spelled out in His Word to us. We can ask Him to give us enough for each day at a time to “BE” led by His powerful mighty hand.

Knowing the difference between who to follow and admit the mistakes we make in avoiding His promises. Only He can deliver us from this evil that is coming upon His people in the world today. Thousands who have not bent the knee to government escape the spiritual battle of wickedness going on in high places.

“OUR” Father’s Kingdom will stand and prevail by His power to bring glory to Himself lasting forever when Jesus Christ is King.


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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