To “BE” or Not To “BE”

To “BE” Sep 11, ’10 8:21 AM
for everyone before Multiply site shuts down Dec.1
Hallowed “BE”     

To “BE” OR, Not! “OUR” question Father is either we are playing with “OUR” minds with a figment of imagination or You are in “OUR” hearts to “BE” Holy as You are Holy. Adopted, given white robes to cover a multitude of mistakes to stand here in Your presence because “BE”ing a Son sacrificed for “OUR” separation to bring us around to “BE” what we already knew about You “OUR” Father. You were there all the time. You made us. We couldn’t make anything like this up.

Not in “OUR” wildest dreams would we admit “BE”ing fearful of what would happen to “OUR” happy meals at home come to this: A take over of “OUR” economy leaving us broken, unable to cope with coming chaos.

Your economy comes when Your right to rule is right with right rules welcomes Your presence in all we do and say, knowing to do right and do it “BE”ing afraid of man made rules suppressing by pressing us into man-made molds to entrap even the most saintly among us.

Give us courage for each new day at a time we have to live under a test that Your Word is true. A daily dose of a song to “BE” free to “BE” all you would want us to “BE”. We are Yours O Lord, we have heard Your voice.

Forgive us for not listening to begin with and not “BE” ing as tolerant with others as You have been toward us. We owe You a debt of gratitude for loving someone so unlovely first and always. Help us to love You back by loving one another.

Lead us out of this scary world, not into difficulties or persecution, but deliver us from the evil one who would bite and devour Your children.

We who are learning to lean on You, relying on Your power to bring about a victory that overcomes the world would bring honor and glory to who You are.


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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