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 Skin costumes term fathered in LifeTime Guarantee by Dr. Gilham to describe what is stretched over skull and frame where we live and move and have “OUR” “BE”ing. “OUR” Father designed you to last for eternity.

To twist the life out of “Live” backwards is “Evil” to think that someone would pierce the skin at the base of the skull and suck out brains is evil.

To let live the life that “OUR” Father has created in us to “BE” Sons of God is unfathomable thinking in their godless view.

To choose life is beyond comprehension of life’s end in their hand. The fight for the fittest is evolving in front of “OUR” very eyes. To see the battle rage in spiritual wickedness in high places is past “OUR” imagination.

It is not at “OUR” pay grade to know why? But, You are “OUR” Father the Holy One who sees beyond what we call “Choice” to live the life of Your one and only Son all over again in these “Earthsuits”, suited up to live a life for You.
To “BE” like Jesus a life renewed day by day to the “Original” is beyond belief. Help “OUR” unbelief and restore us a new heart. Jesus “BE”ing “OUR” King to rule in His right to rule by His will to live and let live those are coming to Him believing like little children, trusting “OUR” Father to give us the life of His Son.

Forgive us “OUR” sin: to lie, cheat, steal and murder, knowing to do right but not doing that, avoiding You at any cost, to disobey what we know to “BE” right and not trust You in the end for life.

We owe You “OUR” very life because You first loved us and gave us Your one and only Son to whoever believes Him has everlasting life.

Lead us not into difficulties to “BE” tried by the debt of love we owe but “BE”ing delivered from the evil one who would kill us before “OUR” time.

Heaven is Your Kingdom. Come in Your power to reign. We love You, we Adore You, we lay “OUR” lives before You. Glory to Your name we pray, AMEN!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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