Restored to the Original

Original Restored Sep 5, ’09 9:52 AM
for everyone

“And the government shall ‘BE’ upon His shoulders.”

Those who shall believe on His name “OUR” Father to know You who to know, creates in us a choice to “BE” a child of Yours.
Heavenly, Hallowed ;BE”ings, alive and well, easily recognized here on planet earth in the land where we live.
Party to His movement, a part of the family of God, Caught up in the Spirit of “OUR” times looking for a place to “BE” safe from the cares of this world.
His dominion dominates His domain when He comes into “OUR” hearts to rule and reign in majesty.
He is not willing that anyone be left out, but that everyone would come to this secure place to see He is alive in His people doing what He whispers in “OUR” ear, Words that feed “OUR” soul to “BE” right in these skin costumes we call “earthsuits” suited up to serve Him.
Trouble is that not everyone can see what is due to owe Him what would cause us to “BE” tolerant to one another forgiving unpaid debts.
We are not misled like those who do not have this hope of having been overwhelmed in the past with difficulties, but “BE”ing kept safe in these times of trouble. 
Delivered from twisted thinking of an evil one who wants recognition that he is god, seeing him for who he is.
We know when we are a part of the Kingdom of God by the power in us that gives Him the glory and majesty to live His life again in “OUR” frail bodies, serving Him and one another, free of charge, in gratitude, free from the evil that besets us when He is King

About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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