Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ! Sep 1, ’09 1:41 PM
for everyone on Cyber Church

Jesus Christ!

Is not a swear word.

Why does the Nation rage and imagine such empty headed thoughts?

“FATHER” Your name is mightier than theirs, or they would take an oath in someone else’s name to damn Your selection of who would rule over us when \angry during tough times coming upon us.

There is nothing sacred in their view of Your Kingdom’s economy coming to reign in “OUR” land. These rulers would rid themselves of You and Your people. Their words ring “not true” when it comes down to it in protecting and defending this domain of children who are trusting in You. Leaders that would throw off any chain that would bind them to You, “OUR” King.

Your Kingdom is not of this world. Life is a gift above all others they seek to destroy it with their threats today. Give us this day Word from above any other to feed “OUR” soul and anchor us to a sure foundation “OUR” fathers have laid for us. “OUR” only hope is in You!

We are a sorry lot to raise thoughts against what You have done for us. We need to turn around to see what we owe so great a debt of gratitude forgiving us “OUR” empty oaths in stupidity against Your better choice for us. May we be able to see others the same way You look upon each one of us.

Guide us to a way of life free from “BE”ing tempted to do the evil thing and swear against “OUR” maker and defender, “OUR” deliverer.

“BE” “OUR” King. Come to rule and reign in all we do this day. May we “BE” busy about doing what You ask. Give us the power to do it. Only You make any sense out of this chaos. Show us Your glory we ask.


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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