Images, Imagine that. DreamDreams, See Visions

In “OUR” hearts and minds of You “OUR” Father, what it must “BE” ike face to face in all of Your glory, we stand amazes in Your Sacred, secret place, with a name tag that says we belong.

Surrounded by Your glory, we feel Your presence. There is no where else we would rather “BE” then behind these closed eyelids where just a whisper from You is more than an idea of what it is just to thank You and enjoy this time with You.

Where else could we “BE” if it were not for You, knowing that it is You that draws us into Your presence? The mirror of Your Word shows us who we really are: Sons-of-God! Away from the beaten path we bask here in Your acceptance and cleansing of Your promises that never leave us.

This gift of Your Word for us reveals each moment with us is more than a thousand elsewhere. The comfort of knowing You, spy out when You touch “OUR” lives in moments that overcome the world’s system.

We admit we were wrong to trust anyone who wants us to go astray. Their plan to draw us away from You and for awhile was misled until feelings of inferiority caused “OUR” weakness, We can never thank You enough for the bail-out of “BE”ing entrapped in their lies of death and destruction.

We see it is Your lead to forgive and forget what it is that separates us from You. We never, ever, want to return to this chaos.

Deliver us from the evil one that would accuse us day and night with his blame and shame game. We belong to You and are Yours to give You honor and glory that last forever!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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