Watching & Waiting

Watching & Waiting 

“What, could you not watch with me one hour?” “Watch and pray that you do not fall into temptation.” The trouble is in the hour we’re not thinking the Lord will return. Asleep at the wheel behind closed eyelids, heavy thoughts of who we are. If we don’t belong here and now then where? Like a fish out of water we struggle to breathe in need of living waters. Drinking at the springs of living waters, happy now are we, “OUR” soul is satisfied.

When O Lord will we see Your deliverance? Heaven is a wonderful place, filled with glory and grace but it escapes us right now. Here we are named among Your “BE”loved , like a bride waiting for the groom. We’ve been broomed from the temple of the kingdom of this world. They hate us as much as they do You. Nothing new about that! We’re just waiting to see what the difference it makes in trusting You. Your Word is steadfast and true.

Your will completed in us, we long for Heaven and home, where “OUR” heart is. A daily dose of assurance is all we need to see who is able to rescue us. Forgive us for doubting for one minute whose we are. We owe You a huge weight of debt of love that has been paid on “OUR” behalf to escape out of this chaotic world’s system to “BE” free to love You back.

Deliver us from the evil one who would hinder Your coming in return for some self-aggrandizement trying to be like god. He knows You have become “OUR” sin bearer, setting us free, set apart from the present world. Your power and glory is endlessly able to deliver. We’re watching and waiting.


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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