A Word in Haste Makes Waste

Quickly spoken words may follow you for an eternity. Ask President’s czars. Words follow you to your grave and you’ll be judged by them.

A change of mind  may correct a word in time but a change of heart can save your soul forever. “OUR” Father has made us to “BE” living stones that cry out to Him. We are a building not made with hands eternal in the Heavens.

What are we doing to make His name recognized as holy, clean, reverenced and honored? Does ‘Hallowed “BE”’ have anything to do with us?  Can we “BE” Angelic messengers to the Nations that Jesus Christ is King?

To Pray Your Kingdom come to rule and reign in “OUR” little corner of the world, could we remain silent? Angels rejoice when someone comes to recognize that fact, so why should we be so quiet about it? Your plan is accomplished with willing servants doing what pleases You.

Dare we ask, Father, if there has ever been a day out of the thousands so far we really went hungry? Look at the beautiful lilies or birds that don’t toil for their seed. You care for them, how much more do You care for those who trust in You?

To see the contrived pose of a young boy naked in the desert background with only a tin bowl at his feet. The Photographer for National Geographic’s mind burning picture didn’t notice the meat on his subject unlike other photos of little children in fetal positions with rib cages sticking through their skin in hungry parts of the world.

Look at us now, fat and sassy in need of nothing. These last days we’ve been rich and brag about having it made. We show off our Bikinis with no shame of “OUR” ‘earthsuits’ and le the rest of the world go by. We couldn’t care less!

When did we see You hungry, or thirsty, or naked and did not care? When did or did not the least of these “OUR” brothers or sisters we’ve seen been fed by us? We’ve gone around half naked long enough. Buy “OUR” clothes from Heaven with gold out of the refiners’ fire without cost or price. Buy Your medicine so “OUR” eyes can really see.

Forgive “OUR” rants and ramblings. We deserve justice rather than mercy but Your grace keeps giving more than we deserve. How can we do less to pay back the mountain of debt we owe You by forgiving the measly morsel due us from one another?


How can it “BE” if we should gain an entrance in Your Domain where the water is free and the bread has n price? A place where Your rules are right and You have the right to rule is “OUR” desire. No sweat “BE”ing free of difficult circumstances we have got caught up in, Delivered from its evil that would eat us up.

Your Kingmanship gets “OUR” vote. You demonstrate what it takes to get over this mess we find ourselves in. Restore us to the original glory of “BE”ing what You have made us to “BE”!

Is there a place we can store these thoughts to You for now where they can be opened later instead of being hid from view.? What can we add to what has already been said? May we “BE” a member of that party!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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