Good Enough

Good Enough That’ll do for now, it’s good enough.

When is Good Enough, Good Enough? Andy Stanley’s little book prompts me To Pray Write Away.

You may not know about all the hospital stays this year since Feb. from a month of coughing that affected my heart. I still get bills from many doctors I’ve never met that never got ‘Enough’ for what they think was their services. These hospital bills show what health providers have paid them and they still don’t think that it is ‘Enough’ to begin with. They want more! The V.A. Hospital has never sent me a bill or even discusses doctor charges for my Pace Maker. My local V.A. clinic doctor sent me to St. Joes in an emergency with $600 ambulance charges that was never ‘Enough’. I don’t know what you’re thinking about the health care debate but I’m thankful for “BE”ing a Veteran. Many G.M. workers who lost their benefits are now crowding into the V.A. It may “BE” that this is what it will come down to for everybody who cannot afford expensive health care?

To Pray Write Away PRAY-ers Post.


Already “OUR” Father You fill us up with enough to know You and whose we are. I didn’t take very long for us to realize there has always been ‘enough’ in “OUR” life to see who You are.

How many hugs on Your horizon and pats on the head that we live for, Your at-a-boys makes us sick ‘em for a job well done. We love “DO”ing Your will. You don’t get ‘enough’ gratitude for all You do in Your name for us.

It is ‘enough’ when You rule and reign, pulling all the strings where Your influence opens new vistas that come into view. With out You we are nothing!

Now we can see what You meant for us to “BE” when we do as You have suggested or even commanded so that we could have ‘enough’ to make the Angels in Heaven wonder.

You give ‘enough’ every day to fill “OUR” bucket needs and even when we come back for more with an empty pail. You fill it up again with just ‘enough’ to last through the dark night ahead.

When we have exhausted “OUR” store of endurance, You have just begun to give and give again.

You knew in advance when we would run out and come crying to You for more when we thought it was not ‘enough’. You For-give in advance of knowing “OUR” need.

We owe You “OUR” best but give You back nothing but wilted leaves for leftovers.

The rest of the story is yet to “BE” told of how You pay in full the debt we owe, undeserved favorite little spoiled brat, giving us ‘enough’ to settle “OUR” differences with You and one another. So who can we blame?

We live and learn in forgiveness how much it takes to give back ‘enough’ to those who have wronged You and “WE”. “WE” are not alone in Your “Enough Already” treatment that completes us as Your people.

Lead us, not into temptation, but with ‘enough’ wisdom to escape the wicked one. They have got away with ‘enough’ to ban them from Your presence forever, yet Your patience persists to prove them wrong and bring us all to repent in changing “OUR” minds ‘enough’ to turn again to You for deliverance fro the evil.

Your Kingdom still rules yo show Your power is ‘enough’ to bring You glory.


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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