Reason To Pray


Common Sense Reason To Pray Aug 3, ’09 9:44 AM
for everyone


To Pray this Time for Rhyme or Reason,

Open to His Throne Room in this season;

He’s the only King that will find a place

Where we can come and get some grace;

To say “OUR” Father like he said,

He’s the only One still living that’s not dead.


He makes us Holy to behold,

To “BE” in His presence here below;

With rank and privilege to “BE” named,

Among Heaven’s court where all’s the same.

His Kingdom comes to bail us out,

To save us from “OUR” fear and doubt.


Who else is listening to hear “OUR” cry?

With everything we’ve done to do or die.

His plan for us is easily done,

While we’re on His path “BE”ing a son,

Living in this “Earthsuit” on planet earth;

So Heavenly minded to give us new birth.


To all we could ask or think,

Feed “OUR” souls that will not sink,

With Manna from Heaven, Word for today,

Floating new thoughts not drifting away.

Close by “OUR” side He will abide,

Hang on tight for this joy ride.


Forgiveness and forgetfulness is what we need,

To lessen the burden of “OUR” sin and greed;

Free from debt and care,

We owe nothing we are aware,

Of the hurts healed when we do the same,

To others as You have done to us in Your name.


Lead us out of this fight with the Devil,

You’re the One to overcome making it level.

Not into temptation to sin,

But in “BE”ing free to win,

Over the evil one who seeks to destroy,

All we believe, in You to employ;


Restoration, renewal restored,

To original greatness to “BE” Adored.

This could last forever as far as I AM concerned,

Not for just four more years to “BE” spurned.

A thousand years for a start,

At Your “BE”ing King in “OUR” heart!



About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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