To Pray Today

To Pray today, this day in time.

We’re standing in the need of prayer. 

Standing somewhere in the shadows we’ll find Jesus. He’s a friend beyond compare. Meet Him at the throne of mercy; He is waiting for us there. We’ve tried everything else and it fails to remind us that “OUR” Father is still there watching and waiting for us to come to Him in prayer, not as a last resort but realizing only He can help us now.

Almighty, immortal, invisible, God only wise, You designed us for Your self. Your presence within us satisfies “OUR” longing to know You are the One and only creator of all that is good in the world today. Everything else is sinking sand. Your “Hallowed” presence names us for who You are; a Kingdom on earth. We come out of the closet and acclaim You as “OUR” Lord and Savior!

Your will and Your ways completed in Your people to bring a little heaven on earth. Give us this day what we need to show the love of Jesus. Your Word in these “skin-suits” says it all. That we’ve been with You and desire to “BE” like Your One and only Son, Jesus! Yes, we can “BE”live His life again in these “earthsuits” forgives and frees us from all sin and shame. “OUR” debt of love You paid for; “OUR” freedom we can repay to those who sin against You and who You made us to “BE”; Your secret agents, Angels unawares, messengers of God in the world today, not quarrelsome, cursing the darkness in pain and trials, but we stand together as one voice crying; deliver us from the evil one who seeks to deceive and destroy all that is good.

“OUR” blessed hope is in You in the power of forgiveness to set free to really love one another. That is “Glorious” to win in the end that is everlasting!

About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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