Long Lists

Long Lists
The list gets longer the longer We live.

“OUR” Father, the longer we live, the longer the list gets of problems; Help and health requests. We do not know how To Pray for results in such a list of great needs.

Jesus said, To Pray say, that You are “OUR” Father meaning an all inclusive term to include those You have called to “BE”come Sons-of-God. No I, me, mine but we, us, “OUR”!

“Hallowed BE” Your name; To begin with an attitude of gratitude for brining together One Holy family. As we consider all You have made Sacred in Your sight, Precious. You are Special in “OUR” sight.

We thank You; we praise and honor who You are in every thought held captive in asking You on behalf of those in need.

We ask Your “Kingdom Come” to Rule and Reign in those requests pictured before You this day to “BE” complete in Christ Jesus. Your will He must do is “OUR” will too. You have given us these nations as an inheritance and we must “BE” busy about Your business here as it is done in heaven.

We are gifted today with gifts of love. We have Your Word for each one this day. Only to “BE” what He wants us to “BE” every moment of every day. Yielded completely to Jesus alone, all along this pilgrim way, Ready to “DO” what Your Word commands.

Memory fails us as we see the sins of others doing those same sins we are guilty of, standing in the need of prayer for pardon and release. We owe You “OUR” devotion for desires fulfilled instead of disease and discomfort in selfish lusts that consume us.

“Lead Us” not into “BE”ing tempted beyond that we are able, but in the temptation find a way of escape from the evil one who would hold us captive.

It is easier to live in a world ruled with all the right rules in the power of Your right to rule in Majesty and glory!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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