Teach Us To Pray

To Learn To Pray

You can’t teach an old crusty Saint the “how to” “DO” anything new when they are set in their own ways. It took a Disciple curious enough to admit he needed help To Pray. He knew who to ask. Even the Master’s own closest followers were still asleep coming to the garden of prayer that they missed this one important question to “BE” on record for centuries that require a search for those who still want to know.

We can seek and find what the Disciple found in his journey of prayer with goggle eyes, the Word from the Master. Heaven sent, we enter a phrase “teach us To Pray” and get a discipline to pray outlined for today. We forgot yesteryear when we can’t even remember yesterday demonstrates that His Word endures forever when we do “OUR” own search.

PRAY-ers post over past years brings “BE”livers back to the Word of God, the “how to” Book! A Disciple learns that he too can hang his own flesh and blood on this skeleton offered there. Forgiveness is complete once its acceptable, reasonable service is adopted. “OUR” Father leads us not into confusion but delivers us from the creator of confusion, the evil one.

Dr. Luke and Matthew record instances “how to” pray. Ancient records publish reams of prayers, library, now on I-pad for all to see outlined to “BE” a glorious endless paper trail.

Go to https://prayersjourney.wordpress.com and do a search of a phrase from “OUR” Lord ’s Prayer and see what you get! “Teach us To Pray”, “To say”!


About prayersjourney

Elder, retired, GPa, Journaling life, learning To Pray, same home over fifty years. Five sons and GKids.
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